Meet The Blogger 

Olivia here, welcome to The Haute Community! 

Before launching the site, I thought it would be nice for all of you to have an insight to the woman behind the screen. 

I am currently a student at The Fashion Institute of Technology, studying Advertising and Marketing Communications. You could say that I’m an all-out fashion/beauty enthusiast… But who isn’t these days? 

Inspiration for my personal style comes from all of you! From the media to the streets, I love to experiment with new trends and feed off of the different fashions I see throughout my NYC community. 

Hence the idea for The Haute Community. 

After reading hundreds of style blogs where the focus is the blogger themselves, I thought it was time to look at fashion blogging from a different angle.

My original inspiration came from the famous blog, Humans of New York, highlighting New Yorkers and their stories. 

With a twist, my idea for this blog is to put New Yorkers and their personal style in the spot light. I hope for their features to inspire and impact the style and fashion choices of my readers. 

All in all, I am just a young woman trying to make her impact on the fashion industry.

Stay inspired New York, 

– Olivia 



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