5th Ave & 23 St.


Athleisure is making its mark on the city and fashion industry as a whole.

Casual Friday isn’t just on Friday’s anymore and New Yorkers are embracing it! The sneaker craze is growing and companies like Nike and Adidas are stepping out of the gym and onto the streets.

Just a few easy steps and you’ll be joining the athleisure movement. Sneakers, sweats and a touch of personal style. Along with the athleisure trend, neutral colored sneakers have been on the rise and go great with just about everything. Slip into a comfortable hoodie or even some joggers and you’re living the trend, it’s that easy. Don’t forget to express yourself by adding some accessories that scream, you! This New Yorker made his statement with a few touches of gold jewelry.

Outfit Details:

Sneakers: Filling Pieces

Jeans: Acne

Shirt: Unknown

Sweatshirt: Nike

Here are some links to some similar pieces you can get your hands on! (This is not a sponsored blog.)



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