Church Ave. – Brooklyn Bound 2 Train


Coordinate your beret with your trench coat.

A lot of people are scared to be too matchy-matchy when it comes to putting together an outfit, but this New Yorker pulled it off!

Matching the color of your coat to your hat is a perfect way to balance a look. Wearing the same color on different parts of the body allow it to stand out instead of turning into a potential sea of red. This New Yorker used a red beret and wool coat for her pops of color and neutralized the rest of the outfit with an all-black base. Also, try mixing textures like leather and velvet for even more contrast, as seen here.

Outfit Details:

  • Coat – Thrifted
  • Beret – Store on West 4th
  • Top – Thrifted
  • Pants – Thrifted
  • Fanny Pack – Store on Canal St.

Here are some links to some similar pieces you can get your hands on! (This is not a sponsored blog.)


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