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Back to the basics.

Wardrobe staples are a must and can even be paired together for a classic look. Cuff the bottoms of your comfy tan jeans to make your white sneakers pop. Trend alert! White sneakers are the easiest way to make a subtle statement in today’s fashion worlds. Take a tip from the casual Friday playbook, go ahead and layer a denim jacket over a crisp white polo. If you’re itching to make more of a statement, opt for pinstripe denim like this New Yorker did here!

Wait there’s more..

Finish off the look by tying a sweater of your choosing around the waist. Now you not only look complete but a bit more stylish too.

Outfit Details:

  • Jacket – YSL
  • Shirt – Ralph Lauren
  • Pants – Levi’s
  • Shoes – Nike

Here are some links to some similar pieces you can get your hands on! (This is not a sponsored blog.)